New test results highlight Windows security struggles

Today might be Friday, September 14, but to PC security companies, it probably feels like Friday the 13th.’s latest regularly-published results on home security suites are out, and the vast majority of the best performing suites slipped a full point or more.

You can read the report at AV-Test’s site.

AV-Test looks at three categories in its tests, and scores them out of six points each. Protection gauges how well a suite blocks threats, Repair evaluates how well a suite removes malware, and Usability includes testing for false positives. Eleven points are required to receive certification.

It also regularly changes the Windows system that it tests on. The previous test was on Windows 7. This test was conducted on a 32-bit Windows XP computer running Service Pack 3, and run during July and August 2012.

The attrition wasn’t pretty.

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