Next-gen 3D runners on iOS

(Credit: CNET )

Earlier this year I wrote a blog post comparing older running games to new ones, to see how the genre that works so well on the touch screen was evolving. But even since then running games have gotten much deeper, with more 3D entries than just the popular classic Temple Run (iOS|Android).

I’m a big fan of these types of games because they’re so easy to pick up and play for a short time and I’m never too worried about turning them off when it’s my turn at the DMV or my bus has reached my stop — there’s always another run.

This week’s collection of iOS apps (the first one of which is also available on Android) is all about 3D running games. The first lets you ride a mine cart as you explore a dangerous obstacle-filled mine. The second lets you use your jetpack to fly through the air while avoiding enemy fire. In the third, you run in a futuristic world where you’ll use the floor, walls, and ceiling to go for the greatest distance. Obviously, these games haven’t been updated for the iPhone 5′s larger screen, but hopefully that will happen soon.

Early on the game is pretty easy, but before long you'll be swip… [Read more]

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