No, we don’t really need another smartphone OS

(Credit: Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET)

Commentary Would you ever consider buying a smartphone running Ubuntu, Tizen, or Firefox as its operating system? For most of you, the answer is and will probably remain: no.

Why would you? Android and iOS fight for worldwide domination, with no signs of slowing down. Both have extremely well-developed ecosystems that make sharing information across services and even across individual handsets a fairly simple, unified process. App development is strong, and OS updates are regular enough to give phone owners new party tricks to show off.

In the meantime, Microsoft is still reaching deep into its pockets to secure double-digit market share, and RIM hopes its upcoming Blackberry OS 10 hail Mary will win back its former fan stronghold.

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giveaway / January 2, 2013 / Software
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