Options for managing browser tabs in OS X

Tabbed browsing is one of the more useful features to make it to Web browsers. However, as with using single windows you might inadvertently close one and need to restore it. While you can create a new tab and then peruse the browser history to find a link to the content it contained, an easier option is to use the built-in tab restoration options in your browser.

To do this, there are two hotkeys to keep in mind. The first is the classic Command-Z for undoing an action, which in Safari will undo a recently closed tab in a specific window; however, this only pertains to the single most recent tab closed. While this allows you to restore separately closed tabs in different windows, for a given window you can only restore the last closed tab.

The Opera browser's tab options are organized in the Window menu, and provide quicker ways to reopen them than Apple's Safari.

(Credit: Screenshot by Topher Kessler/CNET)

On the other hand, alternative browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera use a common hotkey, Shift-Command-T, for undoing closed tabs, but unlike Command-Z in Safari, subsequent presses of this hotkey will continue restoring other closed tabs.

In addition to restoring tabs sequentially, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox all have options to browse through collections of recently… [Read more]

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