Path to head to BlackBerry in 2014 — report

(Credit: Jason Cipriani/CNET)

Path, the private, mobile social network for friends and family members, will be heading to the BlackBerry next year, a new report claims.

Speaking to a news outlet in Indonesia this week, Path CEO Dave Morin said that his company will be bringing its application to BlackBerry in 2014, according to Crackberry. He didn’t specify whether the application would be available on BlackBerry 10, but considering there are no known plans for an update to BlackBerry’s operating system anytime soon, it appears likely BlackBerry 10 will get the nod from Path.

BlackBerry’s sales troubles have prompted some developers to ignore the platform. That Path will be coming to the operating system, however, could be a nice boost for BlackBerry. Path already has a strong presence on iOS and Android.

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