Remind Me by Astrid helps schedule Gmail responses

(Credit: Astrid)

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Are you still flying solo instead of jumping on the Mailbox or Mailstrom bandwagon? That doesn’t mean you can’t get a little help from Astrid, your friendly squidface to-do list app, when using Gmail in Chrome.

Each time you read your Gmail, you may star or label some of the messages that you want to get back to. This is a great idea in theory, but messages can easily be forgotten. Instead, you can add a reminder to your Astrid that will keep up with your lack of focus on the Internet.

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Install the Remind Me – by Astrid extension for Google Chrome.

Step 2: Click the new Astrid icon in your Chrome toolbar. You’ll be prompted to sign up for or log in to your Astrid account.

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