Request refunds for Google Play apps after grace period ends

(Credit: Google)

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For some paid apps there are also trial or free counterparts. On a lot of these trial apps, you’ll find that the only difference is that they are ad-supported. Upgrading may remove the ads and nothing else, so you may not even need the paid version. However, many paid versions of apps offer the best features — you know, their selling point.

Let’s say you bought an app that you can’t gauge its usefulness in 15 minutes or less. Or maybe the app is freezing your device when you use it and figuring out what’s going on is taking more than 15 minutes. Are you stuck with the app now? Well, maybe. Maybe not.

If the app is relatively cheap, it may be less hassle to just eat the cost. But if the price is $10 or more and causes your device to freeze when using it, asking for a refund seems understandable. You won’t be able to return the app via the automated system on the Google Play S… [Read more]

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