Safari 5.1.5 update improves 32-bit stability

Following closely after the release of Safari 5.1.4, Apple today released version 5.1.5 of its Web browser to address difficulties a number of users have had opening the program in 32-bit mode.

Apple’s latest hardware and software support has been for 64-bit code, but in order to support older plug-ins and for other compatibility reasons Apple includes a 32-bit binary for its Safari Web browser. To load the software in 32-bit mode, you just need to get information on the application in the Finder and check the “Open in 32-bit” box.

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Apparently a significant number of Web sites would not run properly when people ran the 32-bit version of Safari, and this update addresses this problem. In addition, the update includes a couple of stability fixes for people running OS X 10.6.8 and Windows.

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giveaway / March 26, 2012 / Software
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