Security lessons from RSA

The RSA Conference, the flagship meetup for cryptography, information security, and IT experts from around the world, just wrapped on Feb. 28. I attended panels, talked to professionals about security, and learned a couple of new lessons about personal protection in the age of big data.

There were a lot of lessons from RSA, most of them concerning IT Professionals. Some were about enterprise-level security, and a few were on the relationship of government and big data. But what can the average consumer cull from these discussions? Read on, and take control of your online security and digital privacy.

1. The business of hacking

Hackers are no more evil than the average netizens, nor are they loners. Hackers have their own social communities around their illicit activities. Whether they’re trying to make money off stolen data (cyber-criminal), taking a stance (hacktivist), or just keeping tabs (surveillance), hackers have turned hacking into a business, and data is their sole interest. Most hackers work together to pull off sophisticated attacks, mostly on organizations, companies, government sites, or other hacking groups.

What can you do?

If your info is out there for the taking, then be ready to call your credit card company at a moment’s notice. But present them with a little difficulty, and they might just go after another, softer target. It is a numbers game after all. So create tougher passwords … [Read more]


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