Security Toolkit: Best 4 lesser-known malware programs

For most computer users, the idea of having malware or adware creeping onto your machine has become an accepted fate that comes with being online. More-tech-savvy users can manage to stay clean for a while but, like the flu, everybody gets it eventually. Whether it was through a questionable e-mail sent by a friend or from a moment of weakness when you clicked on that video link promising playful kittens, suddenly you find your beloved computer starting to behave strangely. It might be a quick process; it might not happen right away, but you will know right away something is up.

Removing adware and malware has become a sort of art or pseudo-science to many netizens and techies. The skill requires a mix of creativity, common sense, and a whole lot of patience. It’s a cat-and-mouse game that is not meant for everyone; only a select few can emerge from the ordeal without lasting emotional damage. Here at we try to make the whole trial-by-fire a little less traumatic.

Editors’ note: We take no responsibility for usage of any of the mentioned software. Inappropriate or incorrect use can result in system instability or failure. If at any moment you don’t understand what you are doing, please stop, exercise some Google-Fu, or, like Mom said, take your problem to a professional.

Here are some pretty great lesser-known programs that can probably save you some headaches and help you find peace of min… [Read more]

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