Shrink photos and clear up some hard drive space with JPEGmini

Today’s cameras are capable of capturing some pretty amazing shots, whether you’re using a DSLR, a point-and-shoot camera, or even your cell phone. The average resolution of a contemporary camera can range anywhere from six to 20 megapixels–three to four times the quality of cameras of less than three years ago. However this clarity comes at a cost. As images get clearer, file sizes get bigger. JPEGmini helps you retake control over the enormous photo collection you have laying around by reducing the amount of space these files take up on your hard drive.

(Credit: JPEGmini)

Originally developed for the Mac, JPEGmini (free webware) recently debuted its Windows version, which we were able to take for a spin. Does it hold up to its Mac counterpart?

The interface is clean and streamlined. After the speedy installation simply launch JPEGmini and you can begin dragging and dropping files. We found that conversion rate depends more on the number of files you’re feeding the software rather than file sizes. 300 images seem to take about a couple minutes, while 1,000 files took less than 10.

The size reduction is truly impressive. JPEGmini took 400MB worth of vacation photos from a Canon T3i (18MP) and spit them back out at less than 100MB. We then fed i… [Read more]


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