Smart CD Catalog assists in organizing and managing your disk database.

Smart CD Catalog was developed to assist in effectively organizing and managing your disk database. All you need to do is to scan all your disks just once. You will then be able to view the list of folders and files on any disk in the same way you can do it in Windows Explorer. But now you do not need to insert your CDs/DVDs into the drive or connect your external hard disks to the USB port. With Smart CD Catalog you will be able to easily find the necessary file across your entire disk collection in a few seconds.

Plus, you can add your comment to any disk, folder or file. In addition, Smart CD Catalog allows you to maintain a list of people who borrow your disks and when they borrowed them. You will no longer have to remember who you have lent your disks to.

Please note: The program may not work on Chinese and Japanese Windows. Special Offer for GAOTD visitors: Save 50% off your order with coupon code GAOTD50

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giveaway / September 26, 2015 / Software
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