Software week in review for August 1

Apple’s getting closer to releasing its new OS, iOS, and iPhone. Microsoft needs to convince users to kick out the old Windows. Facebook has a new Bolt and updated Slingshot, but Messenger’s on its own and there are no more Gifts. Read on for our recap of the software news, and to get the latest reviews and features from our editors in your inbox, subscribe to our weekly newsletters.


Apple hasn’t announced the iPhone 6, let alone given it a release date, but speculation says it will launch on October 14. In the meantime, iPhone owners are wondering if there’s a nefarious reason their phones seem slower before the new one comes out.

There will be a 1Password extension for third-party iOS 8 apps, so you’ll be able to use the password manager to log in to any apps that support the add-on.

If you have an iPhone and actually use the phone part, there’s now a free, open-source app called … [Read more]

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