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Grammy-nominated Armin van Buuren is more than trance music’s most respected DJ/producer. Through his radio show, A State of Trance, and his “A State of Trance Classics” album series, he keeps the genre alive by highlighting what’s fresh and preserving its illustrious past. US fans can taste his trance at New York’s Electric Zoo Festival on August 30 or at Las Vegas’ Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub on August 31.

Trance pioneer Armin van Buuren.

(Credit: Carli Hermes)

Tell us about your Electric Zoo Festival set. It depends on the current releases, and it’ll be a mix of what the people expect me to play and some new stuff. I have a couple of new tracks that I’m road testing and a new compilation coming out, for which I did a few new remixes and edits, so I’ll bring those to New York with me. But it all depends on the crowd. Some DJs have premixed sets, but I actually mix on the fly, and I like it like that.

You’re so associated with trance music. Any thoughts on the current state of trance? I think it’s very positive, especially if you look at the new talent in the scene. There’s a lot of really young, exciting new guys bringing the fresh sounds to trance. It’s still very uplifting, very energetic, and very well produced. If you look at my radio show right now, it wasn’t meant to be around that … [Read more]

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