Star Apps: ‘Big Hero 6′

Marvel comic turned 3D animation “Big Hero 6” began production in 2012, and since then its health-monitoring robot has come a little closer to reality thanks to wearables and health apps. But unlike an app, Baymax the robot cares, looking after prodigy Hiro’s physical and emotional well-being after his brother Tadashi’s tragic death. Directors Don Hall (“Winnie the Pooh”) and Chris Williams (“Bolt”) talk about compassionate health care, drawing, and their favorite apps.

Baymax becomes Hiro’s surrogate parent after his brother’s untimely death.

(Credit: Disney)

The thing that struck me most about the film is how much Baymax replicates the experience of Apple HealthKit and even the health and fitness functionality we’re anticipating from the Apple Watch.

Don Hall: Baymax’s whole health care persona came out of a Carnegie Mellon study about applying soft robotics to the health care industry. Also, I really like the idea that we can have these robots help us out when we need it. And the idea of his being an app is a really interesting idea. But technology is advancing faster than we can keep up with it, and even now with the Nike+, they’re keeping track of our vital signs and encouraging us to exercise more. So there’s a rudimentary health care app idea already in the ether, and who kno… [Read more]

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