Star Apps: Brandon Jay McLaren

Brandon Jay McLaren (“The Killing” and “Falling Skies”) plays tough immigration agent Dale “DJ” Jakes on “Graceland” (Wednesdays on USA). Acting in the action-packed series about the exploits of DEA, FBI, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents has given him a newfound respect for their courage. I chatted with McLaren about Season 2 of “Graceland,” what he’s learned from playing an ICE agent, how athletics have empowered him as an actor, and his favorite apps.

Catch Brandon Jay McLaren on Graceland, Wednesdays at 10/9 central on USA.

(Credit: Joe DeAngelis)

What can you tell us about the upcoming season of “Graceland”? I can tell you that everything this season is ramped up a little bit more, so the stakes are higher, the action is bigger, the emotional loads of the characters are a little larger. I really am looking forward to a great season of television.

What have you learned about law enforcement from playing DJ? You learn — especially in our house, where you have different branches of federal agencies working together — you have to learn about how creative they can get when you’re on a case and trying to take somebody down. There are certain ways you can access personal information or controlling the transportation of various services to take down a target. So that’s… [Read more]

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