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When tragedies occur, like sustaining a major injury or being let go from one of the all-time greatest rock bands, some individuals would be quick to give up. Others, like musician Chad Channing, turn tragedy into triumph. Since being dismissed from Nirvana, Channing (best known for his drumming on “Bleach” and the “Blew” EP) has taken creative control and found his voice in a number of bands, including his latest, Before Cars. Influenced by Young Marble Giants, early David Bowie, and Soft Machine, the band’s self-produced sophomore album, “How We Run,” was released in 2013. The quartet crosses the Atlantic this July for an international tour.

Before Cars (with Channing at far left) speeds across Europe this summer.

(Credit: Before Cars)

What does the band name mean to you? The name Before Cars is sort of a philosophical statement meaning what is better or worse in today’s world compared to the past. Anything applies.

What is each member’s role in the band, and how hands-on are you in the recording studio? Paul Burback plays guitars, bass, and backing vocals. Justine Jeanotte plays violin and keyboards. Andy Miller plays percussions, bass, and keyboards. I play guitars, bass… [Read more]

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