Star Apps: Chelsea Handler

Comedian Chelsea Handler spent seven years questioning celebrities about their latest projects on “Chelsea Lately.” Now the retired talk show host is partnering with Netflix to create four comedy specials — starting with “Uganda Be Kidding Me Live” — in which she gets answers to some of life’s mysteries, such as where apps come from.

Catch Chelsea Handler in Uganda Be Kidding Me Live on Netflix.

(Credit: Netflix)

What makes Uganda an untapped resource for good comedy material? Well, I always figure anywhere I travel is an untapped resource for material. I always end up having a good time, and I like to give America the reputation that I’ve given it. So I like to show up unexpected and be your typical American. But it’s been a dream of mine since I was a little girl to go to Africa. So when I found the time, I thought I should do this. I planned the trip in about two weeks. I just grabbed some of my girlfriends — I said, “We have to get out there; we have to go on safari.” We did it, and it ended up making me write another book, which I didn’t go there with the intention of doing. It was a great trip for a million different reasons, but it’s a place I would go back to time and time again. I mean, Afric… [Read more]

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