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Rob Giles was once a Police fan, mystified by the “Ghost in the Machine” album cover. Andy Summers was once a member of The Police. Today the two play together in Circa Zero. I chatted with Rob Giles and Andy Summers about their new album, “Circus Hero,” The Police, and their favorite apps.

Circa Zero is a new beginning for The Rescues’ Rob Giles and The Police’s Andy Summers.

How have people responded to a new, post-Police Andy Summers project? Andy Summers: Everybody loves us.

Rob Giles: I thought the response was going to be more polarizing, that people were going to really like it or not, but the response was overwhelmingly positive, with people liking the whole album. That is exciting, because no one has the time to listen to a whole album these days.

Andy, I read that you were taken to the Troubador to see Rob’s band, The Rescues. What was it about him that screamed, “I need to collaborate with this guy”? Rob Giles: It had to have been my hair.

Andy Summers: Yeah, the hair was good. I remember he was playing a song on a guitar and said he felt like he was on acid. I think there was a lot of pheromones going on in the room. Then he came to me outside and told me that I was the owner of a racehorse. Then we had this absolutely non-sequitur conversation, and I thought, “Th… [Read more]

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