Star Apps: Colbie Caillat

When Colbie Caillat began work on her fourth album, the uptempo “Gypsy Heart,” the Grammy-winning, multiplatinum singer was at a career crossroads. The record label wanted her to capitalize on the recent success of Miley Cyrus’ “Bangerz” with a sexier release, but Caillat was unsure. A fortunate intervention from producer Babyface kept the singer true to herself and resulted in anthemic single “Try,” which admonishes women to embrace their truest beauty. The accompanying video has garnered 25 million views on YouTube and Vevo. Colbie Caillat opened up to me about rediscovering her authentic self, soul-saving advice from Babyface and Jason Mraz, overcoming stage fright, the importance of family and friends, and her favorite apps.

Colbie Caillat inspires with Gypsy Heart.

(Credit: Republic Records)

Your lead single “Try,” which tells women that they don’t have to change a single thing to please those around them, is very inspiring. Why was it important to you to spread this message? I’m from Southern California and go to Hawaii all the time and always love wearing no makeup. I shower last minute, and my hair is wet throughout the day. T… [Read more]

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