Star Apps: eBay’s Steve Yankovich

eBay's Steve Yankovich

(Credit: eBay)

When an Apple rep initially contacted eBay about developing a proprietary app back in 2008, the latter hadn’t even heard of the iPhone or Objective-C. But seeing the potential of mobile software, a number of eBay employees believed that developing a mobile app would profit the global commerce and payments leader in the long run. In early 2009, they began raising funds for the formation of a mobile-specific group and commissioned an outside company to build the first eBay app.

Many software releases later, the app has helped the largest online marketplace blast off into mobile commerce, as eBay’s mobile revenue has increased 33x from $600 million in 2009 to $13 billion in 2012–with a forecasted $20 billion in 2013. recently chatted with Steve Yankovich, VP of Innovation and New Ventures at eBay Inc., who, as the VP of eBay mobile (2009-2012), played an integral role in the success of the original eBay app. Here he also discusses his other favorite shopping apps and whether the m-commerce leader would ever compete in the app marketplace with software of its own.

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