Star Apps: Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman is best known for his acting: “The Hogan Family” and “Teen Wolf 2″ if you grew up in the ’80s, and “Arrested Development” and “Identity Thief” if you’re watching him now. But he’s also been recognized for directing. Bateman ran an episode of the “The Hogan Family” at the age of 18, thus becoming the youngest person inducted into the Directors Guild of America (DGA). Recently he has capitalized on both talents with the feature film “Bad Words,” in which he plays Guy Trilby, who ruthlessly hijacks a children’s spelling bee without explanation. “Bad Words” is currently playing in select cities and opens nationwide on March 28.

Jason Bateman (pictured on the set of Bad Words) was once the youngest director in the DGA.

(Credit: Focus Features)

You were the youngest director in the DGA, for directing an episode of “The Hogan Family.” Yeah, they called me the week I was doing that, and I was pretty giddy about that. They said I had beat Malcolm-Jamal Warner by a couple months and Steven Spielberg by a couple more months, which was pretty neat.

That must have felt amazing — to beat out Malcolm-Jamal Warner. That was a treat to be able to do that at that age. I had been looking at the director’s chair for a long time. My dad was a big fan of film and would take me to the … [Read more]


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