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For some, work is a chore. For JD Samson & MEN, it’s a labor of love. Nowhere is that more apparent than on the electronic outfit’s new, aptly titled “Labor” album. Although the LP’s 13 tracks tackle a variety of heavy, highly personal topics, well-suited for therapy — gender identity, relationships, and the challenges of making it in today’s musical landscape — listeners will undoubtedly experience a post-confessional lightness, buoyed by MEN’s synth-driven dance sound. I recently spoke to JD Samson about ‘Labor,’ the tour, gender identity, ex-bandmate Kathleen Hanna, and favorite apps.

Sit and see: JD Samson gets highly personal on Labor.

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How would you describe a MEN show to the uninitiated? A MEN show is always different. Sometimes it’s dreamy, smoky, and soft. Sometimes it’s hard, punk, and quirky. But what I aspire to do is always create a different experience for the audience. The show is real life. It’s what we are feeling. It’s who we are. It’s how we move.

Check out MEN’s “Who Am I To Feel So Free” performance:

Your music is both provocative and danceable. But when socio-political lyrics are layered atop dance music, are audiences getting the messages? I don’t really care if they are listening to the lyrics or not. Thro… [Read more]


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