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Since the 17th Century there have been many different iterations of legendary sexual libertine Don Juan. Today, in 2013, he is Don Jon, a sexually-voracious commitment-phobe, who takes greater pleasure from online porn than from his many conquests. But the “Jersey Shore”-inspired character (well played, written, and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who could teach “The Situation” a thing or ten about laying “9s,” puts the one-night stands behind him when he meets a “dime” named Barbara (Scarlett Johansson). But can he do the same with his porn addiction?

“Don Jon” is a love story for the modern age, demonstrating how new-fangled technologies impact our courtships, sex lives, and self-fulfillment. It’s a great date movie that will appeal to a wide audience. This movie is fun and entertaining, but also loaded with thought-provoking themes.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Jon woos Scarlett Johansson’s Barbara in Don John.

(Credit: Daniel McFadden)

Shortly before the film’s Sep. 27 opening, the “Don Jon” star, writer, and director chatted with about shooting love scenes and making tech compelling onscreen, online dating and sex apps, and achieving creative synthesis over social media.

Several filmmakers I’ve previously interviewed have said that they prefer not showing too much device interaction in their films, because it’s not compelling for audiences to watch charac… [Read more]


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