Star Apps: Kat Candler and Josh Wiggins of ‘Hellion’

The Wilsons are the family Norman Rockwell forgot to paint. Hollis (Aaron Paul) is an alcohol-addicted, emotionally withdrawn widower. His delinquent son, Jacob (newcomer Josh Wiggins), is on a collision course with the law. Younger son Wes (Deke Garner), who is following in his brother’s missteps, is ordered by Child Protective Services to live with his aunt Pam (Juliette Lewis). Writer-director Kat Candler doesn’t shy away from this dissolving Texas family’s struggles in her gripping new film, “Hellion.” I chatted with Kat Candler and Josh Wiggins about this edgy indie and their favorite apps.

Kat Candler

Actors Aaron Paul and Josh Wiggins break bad in Kat Candler’s Hellion.

(Credit: IFC)

How did “Hellion” morph from a short to a feature film? When I set out to make the short, I had no expectation that we’d be screening a feature at festivals. I hadn’t made anything in a little while, and I just wanted to play again. So after we wrapped, I just loved the characters so much and loved this world, so I wanted to live there a lot longer than six minutes. Someone mentioned on the set that they thought the world was Port Arthur, in southeast Texas. My producer said he grew up there — that’s his hometown. He took me down there, and hi… [Read more]

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