Star Apps: Lyndsey Scott

Model Lyndsey Scott is used to the limelight, having been an in-demand high fashion and lingerie model for the likes of Prada, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, and Victoria’s Secret. In recent months, she’s also generated positive buzz in the tech world after developing three apps: Educate!, a companion app for the Educate! organization, which helps develop future leaders in Uganda; iPort, a stylish portfolio app for models, architects, and artists; and most, recently, The Matchmaker, a truly innovative social networking app. But there was a time, back in high school, when Scott wasn’t so popular and actually faced major bullying. Scott chatted with me about the harassment, learning to program, finding success in both modeling and tech, increasing the number of women and persons of color in tech, and her favorite apps.

Model Lyndsey Scott: self portrait

(Credit: Lyndsey Scott)

Now that you’ve been outed in the media as an app developer, what kind of response have you gotten from your modeling fans? For the past month, there have been a few articles addressing the same thing, talking about how I do the modeling and the prog… [Read more]

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