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Parental relationships can be quite complicated. For some of us, the same can be said about our relationship to software. Emmy & Grammy-nominated comedian and actress, Margaret Cho tackles the former (along with sex, politics, drugs, guns, ethnicity, and insanity) in her new aptly-titled show “Mother” — and the latter in her day-to-day life.

The one that we want: Margaret Cho


As the comedian, best known for her TV work on Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva,” NBC’s “30 Rock,” and VH1′s “The Cho Show” and stand-up films “I’m the One That I Want,” “Revolution,” “Assassin,” and “Beautiful,” prepared to embark on the “Mother” ship for a mother lode of a tour, which kicked off earlier this month at The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, she joked with about her new show, favorite apps, fear of video games, and the gifts from Steve Jobs that went out with the trash!

What inspired the “Mother” show? A lot of people in my life refer to me as “Mother” and it’s an acknowledgement of that. I think when you get women in their 40s, they’re perceived as a mother figure, whether they are or not, and so it’s kind of natural. I also have a lot of younger friends who look to me as a maternal force, so it’s just the right time. I also talk about my mother a lot to some degree in the show.

Even in my relationships with my computers and iPads and iPhones, … [Read more]


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