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For Mim and Liv Nervo, being the top-ranking women DJs takes a “work hard, play hard” attitude. I chatted with the first sisters of dance music, who next appear at New York’s Electric Zoo Festival, about the shows, sharing DJ gigs with Paris Hilton, triumphing in a male-dominated industry, how music has healed their hearts, and their favorite apps.

Drink to the beat: Nervo lights up Electric Zoo on Saturday.

(Credit: Chloe Paul Photography)

What can you tell us about your Electric Zoo set? Mim: We’ve been playing lots of festivals this summer, so we’re up to speed with our festival sets. They’re short and high energy, and they include our new releases and old material, mixed up with some mashes we’ve made. It’ll be a power hour.

You and your twin are together 24/7. How do you handle so much togetherness? Mim: We’re very lucky. We’re very similar people, and we always have each other’s backs. We have similar work ethics, and we don’t really fight over all that much. If we do, then like most siblings, it’s forgotten about quickly. You always have a friend on the road. We get to travel to so many incredible places around the world, so it’s great to be able to do that with your sister and your best friend. With work pressures, it’s also nice to be able to bounce off ideas with your sister, so… [Read more]

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