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Electronic rock duo Phantogram is named after an optical illusion that makes 2D images appear 3D, but the talents of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter are plain to see and hear. I chatted with Carter about the twosome’s most recent album, “Voices,” the meanings behind some of their most heartfelt lyrics, keeping their almost 20-year friendship alive, and his favorite apps.

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(Credit: Timothy Saccenti)

On both of your albums, the name Lucy keeps coming up. Who’s Lucy? Lucy is an imaginary character that we made up. When I was writing “When I’m Small,” there was a rat infestation in the barn we were recording in. We started writing about one of these rats crawling around the walls, and it just became part of our lyrics. There’s definitely multiple meanings to the lyric, so it’s not to be taken literally.

I imagine that you brought the character back because she remains important to you. Will she be back for the third album? I always liked how the Beatles had recurring characters. In “Glass Onion” John Lennon sings about the walrus. I thought that since “Voices” is a continuation of what we do as artists, I just wanted to shake hands with “Eyelid Movies” with the opening of the record, like here’s the next thing we’re releasing. So it’s a tip… [Read more]

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