Star Apps: Richard Reed Parry

When Arcade Fire multi-instrumentalist Richard Reed Parry produced his solo album of classical compositions, “Music for Heart and Breath,” he made it as much for himself as he did for fans. “For me it has a centering quality and brings me in touch with some quality of quiet inner voice and inner rhythm that perhaps gets lost in one’s daily life,” he says. Parry is currently touring the album. I chatted with Richard Reed Parry about making the album, the challenges of working solo, his stage show, and his favorite apps.

With every beat of the heart, Richard Reed Parry’s Music for Heart and Breath gets closer to you.

(Credit: Guillaume Simoneau)

What are the unique challenges one faces when doing an instrumental album? Finding that elusive, ephemeral voice that can speak without using any literary devices, and finding that elusive quality that can imbue emotion or narrative without using anything literal. Also, finding sensitivities in absolutely raw materials, where you don’t have anything to stand on, even in the way of established forms. It’s really about finding that delicate balance and those qualities that allow the thing to speak, which ta… [Read more]

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