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What do a dark, claustrophobic maze, an animated 3D thrill ride, and a corpse-laden haunted house have in common? They’re all part of horror maestro Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare. Taking place every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from October 10 to November 2, at Pomona, California’s Fearplex, this Halloween extravaganza combines state-of-the-art scares with outdoor horror movie screenings and a much-anticipated music festival, including a last-night headlining performance by Zombie himself.

Rock musician and moviemaker Rob Zombie

(Credit: Courtesy of Ashton-Magnuson Media)

As Halloween lurks around the corner, crept up on horror maestro Rob Zombie to chat about Great American Nightmare, his new album, his biggest fear, his favorite apps, and why he’s not crazy about social media.

Why did you decide to do the “We’re an American Band” cover on your new album, “Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor“? I think we were just on tour and talking about never playing covers, and if we were going to do a cover what we would do. Then we thought if we were going to do a cover, let’s pick something obvious. Doing an obscure song that no one knows seems silly sometimes, because then why not just write your own song? And I thought that if I have to sing this song, then I want a song I liked as a kid and als… [Read more]


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