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Scare queen Sharon Needles has long regarded Facebook as a necessary evil. On the one hand, it’s “nothing but a bunch of teenage f— brats, seeing who they can piss off the most.” But on the other hand, the popular social media site is a way for the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 4 winner to connect with fans and share album releases and tour dates. Now that Facebook is forcing users to use their legal names or risk losing their accounts, the performance artist has downgraded her opinion to just plain evil. I chatted with Sharon Needles — whose latest single, “I Wish I Were Amanda Lepore (feat. Amanda Lepore),” drops today — about her Facebook hatred, homophobia, her love for “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” her new beau, and the Angry Birds app.

Sharon Needles’ new single I Wish I Were Amanda Lepore is out today.

(Credit: Austin Young)

I think you may be the most enduringly popular contestant in “Drag Race” history. How ironic is that? The most unpopular kid becoming the most popular girl on “Drag Race”? I don’t think I’m the most popular girl, but I definitely try to stay in the T limelight. I keep working and creating content. Reality TV gives you one year of applause and attention, and … [Read more]

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