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SoMo, aka Joseph Somers-Morales, became a YouTube sensation covering Chris Brown and Drake. Then he became a chart sensation (No. 1 on iTunes, No. 6 on Billboard) with the release of his self-penned, self-titled debut album. Now he wants to write hits for others. I chatted with SoMo about the baby makers, his dirty thoughts in the studio, and the app that makes him feel close to his writing partners.

SoMo wants to write for the artists he used to cover.

(Credit: Republic Records)

When did you discover that you could sing? I knew my whole life. My dad’s a musician, so I grew up around it. It wasn’t really ever did I want to sing, or did I get pushed to sing? It’s just what I did.

Were you the kid that was always asked to sing at family events? Oh yeah, even when they wouldn’t ask, I would still sing. I think I have some old videos of me just singing different songs like “Wheels on the Bus” when I was a baby. Ever since I can remember, I would just sing, and people would say, “Oh, you’re a good singer.” But I never thought of it as much more than a hobby — and then it became a career.

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