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When I first heard about Steve Aoki in the mid- to late 1990s, from friends of mine (colleagues of his) at UC Santa Barbara, the future mixologist to the stars was simply described as the son of Benihana founder Rocky Aoki and the brother of supermodel Devon Aoki, who threw great parties at his Isla Vista apartment, popularly known as the Pickle Patch. The festivities have expanded, taking Aoki around the world and bringing him incredible opportunities such as collaborations with DJs Armand Van Helden, Tiesto, and Diplo, and remixing for Kanye West, Drake, and Robin Thicke.

Superstar DJ/producer Steve Aoki

(Credit: RobinLaanane)

Caught between his current Aokify America tour and the upcoming release of his sophomore LP, “Neon Future,” the DJ/producer mixed it up with about his new single, his current tour, his favorite apps, how his college days inform his music today, and the most difficult thing he’s ever had to overcome.

What can you tell us about the ?part=rss&subj=software&tag=embed”Bring You To Life (Transcend)” single? You know, I put out the instrumental version of the record earlier this year, and it was called “Transcend.” And I’ve been trying to find the right lyric with the right touch to it, and Raz, who’s a top writer I’ve worked with for a while now, really centered it and made it exactly what I was looking for.

The message is also exactly wh… [Read more]


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