Star Apps: Steve-O

“Jackass” alum Steve-O is best known as the notorious MTV stunt show’s enfant terrible, entertaining audiences with hilarious exploits such as stapling his testicles together and jumping out of a plane without a parachute. Off camera, the comedian born Stephen Glover had a life that was no laughing matter, as he struggled through substance abuse and depression. Today a sober Steve-O engages viewers with his own YouTube show. I chatted with the prankster about stunts, sobriety, the secret that never made it into his autobiography, and his favorite software.

Steve-O proves that comedians can be sober and funny at the same time.

(Credit: True Public Relations)

You got your role on “Jackass” by sending stunt tapes to prospective producers. Now you’re doing YouTube videos, which you seem tailor-made for. Yeah, I think that YouTube was essentially made for me.

I think that if YouTube had been around in the ’90s, you’d have been the first video star with your own channel. Yeah, but I’m thankful that it wasn’t around, ’cause if it was, that may have been all that I had. Like with Twitter and … [Read more]

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