Star Apps: ‘Survivor’ Malcolm Freberg

Smart, athletic, and easy on the eyes: These are what two-time “Survivor” competitor Malcolm Freberg is made of. I chatted with the “Survivor Philippines” and “Survivor Caramoan” contestant and fan favorite — in advance of the premiere of CBS’s “Survivor Cagayan” on Wednesday, Feb. 26 at 8/7c — about his most difficult experience on the series, what he learned, and which apps may have helped him win.

Don't let the pretty face fool ya. Malcolm Freberg is one fierce competitor!

(Credit: Diana Ragland)

Why did you decide to try out for “Survivor”? I only went because I was a super fan of the show. I just happened to become popular with it, and I’m just running with it now.

What was the single most difficult moment that you experienced on the islands? We were caught in a rainstorm, and when you’re sleeping under leaves, huddled inside potato sacks for warmth with one other girl, it was absolutely atrocious. We woke up in the morning. Our bodies were like prunes, and we were cold and couldn’t get a fire going. It was the only time where after two months of doing it, I was like, “Yeah, I want to go home. Get me out of here.”

Would you do it again? It went pretty well the two times I did it, and it wasn’t absolutely miserable, but it’s hard on your body. I lost a lot of weig… [Read more]


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