Star Apps: The Glitch Mob

Electronic trio the Glitch Mob‘s sophomore album, “Love Death Immortality,” lives up to its epic title. The 10-track recording’s grand, encompassing sound was honed onstage at some of the biggest worldwide venues over the past couple years, and the themes explored — captured in the title — are universal. In contrast to the group’s debut album, “Drink the Sea,” “Love Death Immortality” is richer, with real instrumentation, and more robust, with strong female guest voices. The band’s live show is equally massive, with spectacular interactive concert visuals that the musicians control on the fly via apps. I chatted with Glitch Mob members Justin Boreta and Josh Mayer as they prepared to embark on their international tour, which runs through summer of 2014.

The Glitch Mob returns with an even better sophomore album and tour.

(Credit: Neil Krug)

After founding member Kraddy left the group back in 2009, how did you move forward? It sounds like a cliche, but there really were creative differences. Josh, Ed, and I all had the same creative vision, so when [Kraddy] was no longer a member of the group, it really freed us all to focus on our own thing. We went up to Joshua Tree to really figure out how to redo our whole aesthetic and the story we wanted to tell, … [Read more]


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