Star Apps: ‘The Imitation Game’

Generally, victors win the spoils of war, but all Alan Turing got was a spoiled legacy. Winston Churchill called him the greatest contributor to Allied victory, and today’s programmers call him the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence, but Turing lived his post-World War II years disgraced by a homosexuality conviction. “The Imitation Game,” starring Benedict Cumberbatch, aims to correct this wrong. I spoke with screenwriter Graham Moore (“The Sherlockian,” “The Devil in the White City”) and actor Allen Leech (“Rome,” “The Tudors,” “Downton Abbey”), who plays Soviet double agent John Cairncross in “The Imitation Game,” about recasting Turing; deciphering cryptology, Turing puzzles, and Enigma machines; and their favorite apps.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays computing pioneer Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, which opens November 28.

(Credit: Miramax Films)

What was your goal with this film? Graham Moore: To expose a new audience to Alan Turing’s story. It had been told in biographies, a couple great novels, and onstage in Hugh Whitemore’s “Breaking the Code.” There have been documentaries, but never a full-on cinematic treatment of Turing’s story. We felt that Alan Turing’s legacy deserves to be so much better kno… [Read more]

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