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Maryland-born brothers Benji and Joel Madden always dreamed of making it in California. After 14 years of pop-punk success in Good Charlotte and 10 years as California residents, the two are now performing as The Madden Brothers, and they’re sending fans a postcard that reads “We made it!” in the form of new album “Greetings From California.” I chatted with Benji Madden, who will soon tour with his brother.

The Madden Brothers will bring Greetings From California across the country this fall.

(Credit: Justin Colt)

You shocked a lot of people recently when you pulled the plug on Good Charlotte. It freaked a lot of people out when we said we didn’t want to do Good Charlotte anymore, ’cause it’s not the safe thing. This could fail miserably, and luckily it hasn’t. People are actually hearing it in the way we wanted them to, which I don’t think happened on the later Good Charlotte records, where we were reaching for different perspectives and trying different styles, and I don’t know if it was ever quite heard the way we wanted it to be. So when people do hear it the way we wanted them to, it’s like, “Oh s—, someone actually noticed.” It’s an awesome trip and makes the risk and gamble so worth it, to be able to be an artist and have… [Read more]

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