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If synthpop star Thomas Dolby’s assumed stage name is a testament to his appreciation of sound, his new film, “The Invisible Lighthouse” honors his love of light, specifically a twinkling light from his favorite lighthouse on the East Coast of England, which lulled him to sleep, in childhood. But as satellite navigation renders it obsolete and global warming and beach erosion threaten its very existence, the lighthouse is now in danger of closure. In an attempt to stem the tide and save his cherished landmark, Dolby produced the film “The Invisible Lighthouse” and has toured it as a multimedia event, complete with concert and narration, around the U.K.

Thomas Dolby is suited up and ready for battle to save his cherished lighthouse.

(Credit: Bruce + Jana)

Now the multiple-Grammy nominated artist, producer, and tech wizard, who blinded us with science and made us “Hyperactive!” in the 80s and helped develop downloadable music files and mobile ringtones in the 90s, brings his software-laden show to the U.S. for a 20-date tour of classic cinemas and indie film festivals, starting with the Mill Valley Film Festival on Oct. 10. As his stateside debut approached, Dolby sounded off to about the now-endangered lighthouse that landed a thousand ships, his already award-winning film, the software behind his impressive multimedia extravaganza, and his favorite apps.

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