Star Apps: Tommy Savas

Tommy Savas costars on NBC series “State of Affairs,” which follows a CIA briefing team that analyzes the most vital security issues facing the nation. I chatted with Savas about working opposite Katherine Heigl, his time on “The Sopranos,” and his favorite apps.

Tommy Savas can currently be seen on NBC’s State of Affairs Mondays.

(Credit: Bjoern Kommerell)

You’re working with an amazing cast on “State of Affairs.” How would you describe Katherine Heigl? Katherine is an unbelievable person. She’s amazing. I’ve never worked on a new show before where one of your costars is also an executive producer. It is an awesome dynamic, actually, because she’s in your corner as far as being an actor with you. And the whole cast has become really good friends and hang out almost every weekend. We go to Katherine’s for dinner a lot, and she’s just an amazing person and a pleasure to work with.

So Katherine Heigl is also your boss? Yeah, in a sense, since she’s also an executive producer on this show. But that line is never drawn.

Why should audiences tune in? As opposed to other network TV shows of this genre, where you get the ordinary procedural, what’s interesting about this show is that it dives into the personal lives of the characters… [Read more]

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