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Between their own releases and session work on other artists’ records, Toto members can be heard on an astounding 5,000 albums. Keyboardist David Paich is featured on Boz Scaggs’ “Silk Degrees,” Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” and USA for Africa’s “We Are the World.” Paich met blue-eyed-soul vocalist Michael McDonald in 1977, when working on a Doobie Brothers album. Toto-McDonald collaborations continued on McDonald’s 1982 solo debut, “If That’s What It Takes,” and Toto’s 1986 release, “Farenheit.” The artists are reuniting for a summer co-headlining tour.

Catch Toto on its summer tour with Michael McDonald.

(Credit: Darek Kawka)

You’ve worked with Michael McDonald for decades. What is it about him that makes you keep coming back? Michael has such a unique voice and is such a great person to back that voice. I don’t think that if I had that voice I’d be as nice as him. [Laughs] I met Michael back in the ’70s, when he and I worked on the Doobie Brothers album, “Livin’ on the Fault Line.” I asked him to join our band, but he had just joined the Doobies. He was sitting there on a Wurlitzer, playing “Takin’ It to the Streets.” He has such a soulful and incredibly unique voice that goes through your entire being and deeply affects you.

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