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Tribble Reese is used to admiration for his pretty-boy face and athletic physique, honed and toned as a college and arena-league football player. The model and athlete was voted Cosmopolitan’s most eligible bachelor for South Carolina in 2008 and Jezebel’s most beautiful in 2010. Since breaking out in reality TV shows “Sweet Home Alabama” and “The New Atlanta,” Reese has returned to football, playing for the Elmshorn Fighting Pirates, a second-division team in Germany. I tossed some questions to Tribble Reese about his move abroad, the reality shows, dating, and mobile software.

Tribble Reese is back, playing the field.

(Credit: Courtesy of Bravo)

How did you end up playing football in Germany? I haven’t played in three years, and this was an opportunity for me to play football, which I love. I was in between projects and was asked to play quarterback here, so it was also a chance to travel and learn about a new culture. So I couldn’t turn it down.

How is playing in Germany different than in the US? There are translation problems — I speak zero Deutsch. But really, football’s football. The Americans get paid by the clubs to come and play, and the Germans don’t get paid, so they’re playing for the love of the game. It’s cool to see guys so passionate about working out and practicing. You hear the Germans are a cold people, but I’ve had to say… [Read more]

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