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One relationship is fractured, another is revisited, and another is publicly unveiled. Audiences can expect that and more on tonight’s season finale of TV Land’s “The Exes,” which premieres Wed., Aug. 21 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Wayne Knight (left) brings the laughs on "The Exes."

(Credit: TV Land) caught up with series regular Wayne Knight (who plays jaded homebody Haskell Lutz), best known for playing manic mail carrier, Newman on “Seinfeld,” Det. John Correli in “Basic Instinct,” and villainous computer network engineer Dennis Nedry in “Jurassic Park,” about “The Exes”‘ season finale, his favorite apps, the one that got away, whether e-mail can ever replace the U.S. Postal Service, and getting stalked by a crazed fan with a penchant for cooking turkey dinners, over snail mail.

First off, with the season finale of “The Exes” premiering tonight, can you give us a taste of what to expect for Haskell’s character? Well, Haskell’s trolling this wedding, because he believes it’s where you find the downtrodden, the miserable, the angry, and the envious; and that’s the perfect woman for Haskell. I think there’ll definitely be enough mirth to be had in the 22 minutes, tonight.

The Haskell character is a definite homebody. While spending his days at home, which app best helps him to pass the time? I think that there are a lot of apps that we don’t even know about that … [Read more]


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