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It’s been three long years since Whitney Cummings’ last stand-up tour. But between co-writing CBS series “2 Broke Girls” and starring on NBC’s “Whitney” and E!’s “Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings,” there just wasn’t adequate time for touring. But now, with the cancellation of the latter two series (as well as two significant relationships), her schedule has opened up a bit. So she’s hitting the road again with an entirely new act, inspired by a new attitude and lease on life. “People see me as a tough, ball-buster maneater, and this is kind of a different side of me,” Cummings explained, in our recent interview.

Comedian Whitney Cummings is exposing her more vulnerable side on this tour.

Cummings opened up to about her new, more “vulnerable” act, her changed perspectives on marriage and porn, “2 Broke Girls,” her friendship with Chelsea Handler, whether attractive comedians can be taken jokingly — and why she’s so into Voxer and self-help apps.

What can fans expect to see on the current tour? I’m actually so excited about this tour because all of this material is brand new and fresh, and since the last time that I was touring, three years ago, since I was doing the TV shows and haven’t had time, I’ve changed so much. People are really surprised by the new material, because I went through two break-ups and had my hear… [Read more]


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