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Yelle singer Julie Budet calls the production of the band’s third album completely crazy, from changes in musical direction and recording studios to getting to work with producer Dr. Luke (Katy Perry, Robin Thicke, and Britney Spears). There was so much crazy that Yelle decided to title its third album “Complètement Fou.” The French-language release is best appreciated with the Yelle Translator app, which toggles between French and English lyrics. I chatted with Julie Budet about the musically diverse album and the tour, working with Dr. Luke, being buried in blue popcorn, whether she’ll ever write in English, and why she’s traded peeping in people’s windows for Instagram.

Yelle is currently touring Complètement Fou across the US.

(Credit: Maciek Pozoga)

When you began work on this album, how did the musical direction come to you? In the beginning of 2012, working in cold and rainy Brittany, we had an idea in our mind. We wanted to sound really cold and really minimal, and we actually had pictures in our mind of a party under water. But when you have something … [Read more]

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