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ZZ Top and Jeff Beck may seem like odd bedfellows. ZZ Top is all-American; Jeff Beck is British. ZZ Top is celebrating its 45th anniversary, while Jeff Beck’s groups — the Yardbirds and the Jeff Beck Group — were comparatively fleeting. But these Rock and Roll Hall of Famers are two branches of the same blues roots — in fact, ZZ Top counts Beck as a major influence. After playing a couple one-offs together, the Texas trio invited the legendary guitarist out on a five-week summer tour, which starts August 8. I chatted with ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons about the tour, the whiskers, wheels, women, and his favorite apps.

ZZ Top and Jeff Beck will band together for a much-anticipated summer tour.

(Credit: Ross Halfin)

What does it mean to you to be touring with Jeff Beck? What can fans expect at the shows? It means the world to us. Jeff, both as part of the Yardbirds and as leader of the Jeff Beck Group, was one of the guys we most admired and listened to when we were coming up. He’s got it all: technique, taste, and he’s a real innovator — what we call “the realist deal goin’ down.” We certainly expect to be joining forces onstage, and we’ve got a hot and heavy email correspond… [Read more]

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