FileMarker.NET Pro 1.0.1

FileMarker.NET is a handy tool that allows users to color-code files on Windows and considerably simplifies file management with the help of additional icons to display status, priority, completeness and type of data in a file. Find files faster, separate your files from your co-workers’ files, show document progress right on the file icon, set clearly visible priorities – it’s...

giveaway / May 19, 2017 / Software

Photo Slide Show Time 1.0.1

Photo Slide Show Time creates eye dazzling photo slideshows from batches of photos you took from a wedding, an anniversary, or any other event you took a bunch of photos from. Photo Slide Show Time creates photo slideshow videos in all popular video formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, 3GP, MOV and more… Please note: today PCWinSoft is cross-selling...

giveaway / March 18, 2017 / Software

Image Watermarker 1.0.1

Image Watermarker protects photos and images from being used without authorization, protecting your property from free distribution. It is a photo protection software, software to watermark photos, software to protect photos which works fast, efficiently, and is ready to deal with a large number of images. Image Watermarker supports bmp, jpg, png, gif and tiff both for input as well...

giveaway / October 31, 2016 / Software

ScreenBackTracker 1.0.1

ScreenBackTracker is a life saver tool that reminds the user of important past actions he needs to remember but simply can’t. ScreenBackTracker is a pc activity logger, pc use logger, activity monitoring software. ScreenBackTracker is ideal for back tracking and covert surveillance. Read more Giveaway of the Day

giveaway / October 9, 2016 / Software