Boost Speed 7.6.0

BoostSpeed is the simplest way to repair, clean up and speed up your PC. It is an immensely popular system utility suite that provides one-click cleanup and repair functionality and offers registry cleanup and defrag, disk defrag, startup management, Internet optimization, privacy protection, recovery of accidentally deleted files, Windows tweaking and more. The Action Center includes Windows features that can...

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BetterMemo puts spaced repetition learning into action and helps to boost your ability to remember.

BetterMemo has a simple, yet powerful concept. It provides an algorithm, called spaced repetition learning. By studying this way, you remember more information, compared to when you hear the same information again and again. You will save your time reviewing the information less often, compared to a traditional learning. BetterMemo puts spaced repetition learning into action and helps to boost...

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Top apps to boost your privacy

Privacy on the Internet has become a hot issue. Given all the news about government snooping, user data being breached, and shady apps with questionable permissions, sometimes one is left to wonder just how in the heck is it even possible to be the least bit anonymous on the Net? Fortunately, there are many apps out there that help to...

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