giveaway / February 21, 2015 / Software / 10 Comments

Friday Five

Thousands of apps and updates come out each week, but the five products that piqued our interest this week offer time-lapse videos, an iOS edition of a premium first-person shooter, 64-bit browsing, free photo editing, and 1TB of storage. Instagram introduced another iOS app this week, Hyperlapse, a free and seriously easy way to shoot and share time-lapse videos. There’s...

giveaway / September 1, 2014 / Software

Five apps that put a twist on Android notifications

Take your Android notifications from good to great with one of these apps. (Credit: Scott Webster/CNET) Since its inception, one of the best features built into the Android experience is the manner in which notifications are handled. Yet, as great as the status bar is at displaying missed calls and new emails, app developers have come up with even more...

giveaway / July 25, 2013 / Software / 30 Comments

Google Reader is dying, but we have five worthy alternatives

(Credit: CNET) Hear that? That’s the sound of millions of news junkies on the Web scrambling to find an alternative to Google Reader. As you may have heard, Google Reader will soon be no more. The search giant has announced that it will shutter its much-maligned, though still widely used RSS Reader, which will, no doubt, leave many users in...

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